It’s two am.

And all I can think about is you. I’m curious to how your life is going. That’s about it. Nothing more or less.

I think it’s time to maybe avoid 2am.

I’ve had a bunch of issues with my iphone, and I didn’t remember my pass to my tumblr, so I’ve been mia on here. But I’ve been writing and self reflecting more. 

I guess I’ll share them soon. 

This song is starting to make me feel alive again. This was me before my relationship, before this breakup. Back when “I wanted to do it all.” 

(Source: Spotify)

I dreamt about him again last night. I really thought this was over.

I woke up emotionally drained.  

It was one of those weird dreams, where we just see each other, in public, and he smiles, and wraps his arms around me. 

And I let him. 

I woke up pissed. 


To be honest, I really don’t want to be with him ever. Well most of me doesn’t. There will always be the sliver of me that wants those same emotions that had happened, but I know that innocence is dead. 

fuck gay dreams breakups

I used to think that getting over someone was me never wondering where they are or what they’re doing.

I’ve realized, that’s not what it is. I’m probably going to wonder forever, which is quite alright. it just I’m not going to care.

I guess I’ll explain more later.